It all starts when ALICE, a beautiful sassy Frenchy, is struggling big time to find her perfect flatshare match for her trendy Shoreditch flat until... BEA, a fun loving party girl from Brazil, comes along to shake it all up. 

Together they go through the good, the bad, the ‘too drunk to remember’ and let’s not forget the ‘what happens in this house stays in this house’ shenanigans. 

We can’t wait for you to see what we get up to... 


Alice is 25 years old. Originally from France, she moved to London five years ago and has been living in her current flat for two years. She's easy going but likes a little order. She's extremely loyal, but if you try to cross her, she will go French on you. And, boy, you'll regret it!


A feisty Brazilian with a huge heart, she’s the cheerful best friend we all wish we had. Bea, short for Beatriz, is a sweetheart but will not take crap from anyone. You could say she’s bisexual but she prefer to say that she loves people. Bea is very excited about moving to London and for this new adventure of flatsharing in a big city! 

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